Circadence WAN Optimization

Circadence Patented Optimization Protocol Technology
Realize greater performance through our proprietary technology.

Malicious threats are everyone's concern.

At the heart of all Circadence optimization solutions is a patented optimization protocol. Built on the same fundamental building block as all IP communications, our algorithm dynamically captures and analyzes network conditions. When congestion, latency, or losses are found, this technology ensures that your data is transmitted with the highest efficiency possible – all without manual configuration or intervention. Unlike other products, this hardware-independent approach tunnels through the heaviest network congestion from point to point, so no switch provisioning is needed. Transmission speed and available bandwidth are handled automatically, and transmissions across disparate network types are transparent.

Quality of Service
No product on the market supports Quality of Service as well as our proprietary protocol. We provide the only technology that performs intelligent packet inspection to determine the priority of the packets, basing the service level on user, data type, content, or other criteria. Not only does this offer a finer level of control for Quality of Service, it eliminates days of switch configuration and countless hours of maintenance.

Circadence has tested our protocol's performance against standard TCP in heavily congested network traffic. These cross-country tests, performed by an independent testing lab, show Circadence to be nearly 100-times faster than standard TCP in the heaviest of traffic. Thousands of Circadence customers in global businesses, government agencies, and medium-sized companies rely on our technology to get their data quickly and securely from point to point every day.

As a natural by-product of our patented algorithm, our optimization protocol is one of the most secure transmissions of data possible – so secure, in fact, the U.S. Department of Defense has accredited it for use with classified data. And the addition of other layers of security measures, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), or the use of compression on data does not degrade performance.