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Network security and stability are essential for government offices and sites. With agencies and employees working with critical data from multiple locations, no government network can risk any compromises or outages. But as computing becomes more dispersed over enterprise connections, risks and challenges multiply. While acceleration of enterprise connections is important, the ability to prioritize traffic by application and user may be even more critical in government operations than general business operations.

Circadence® products are employed today by thousands of government users to ensure the highest quality performance and security over enterprise connections – from LANs, to WANs, to virtualization and cloud computing environments. Our solutions are accredited for use with classified data, meeting and exceeding today's strict security requirements, and protecting critical operations from interruptions, outages, network bottlenecks, and more. Solutions from Circadence mitigate the impact of momentary outages for government operations, even under the most severe conditions.

Circadence solutions have outperformed some of the world's most demanding challenges

– with faster, smarter, and more secure technologies that make greater agility a reality, no matter the challenge.

Over congested or intermittent connections, Circadence MVO™ technology keeps data running optimally with Link Resilience™, reducing instability and ensuring the fastest possible transfers during any emergency. More »

Circadence for Government