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Circadence Awarded Patent for Dynamic Network Link Acceleration
Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 02:52:16 PM

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Boulder, Colo., June 19, 2012 - Circadence, a leading provider of WAN and network optimization solutions for commercial, healthcare and government customers, today announced the issuance of its 24th United States patent, which focuses on end-user experience in mobile and distributed networks. With this latest patent, organizations can deliver Circadence MVO Optimization on-demand where and when it is needed, often transparently to the end-user.

US patent number 8,195,823 – “Dynamic network link acceleration,” was issued to Circadence. The technology provides a managed communication link for accelerated and reliable network communication between a client and other network devices.

“This latest patent is part of Circadence’s commitment to providing organizations with the means necessary to provide end-users with a completely optimized experience, whether transmitting and receiving mission-critical data, live saving images or the latest entertainment video,” said Mike Moniz, CEO of Circadence. “This technology is an integral part of our best-in-class mobile strategy. Information, images and video can be delivered quickly, reliably and without interrupting security parameters already in place to any device, desktop, tablet and/or smartphone in any location.”

Patented Technology Use Cases

The following use cases illustrate the implications of this latest patented technology:

  • Optimization for enhanced end-user experience 

    Whether the end-user is an employee, subscriber or potential customer there’s nothing worse than slow connections. If the server or website has Circadence MVO installed, this patented technology can automatically install MVO (client) for quicker and reliable downloads. Available in two versions, the end-user can opt in or out depending upon whether they want an optimized experience or not or, in the second version, once the end-user has opted in, the connection automatically optimized on each return visit.

  • Optimization when connection quality may be in question

    Essential in rural areas where connection quality is not always reliable or available, organizations with Circadence MVO can continue to operate and transmit information reliably. The patented technology enables automatic detection of network conditions and when warranted installs an optimization client for the end-user to receive data as if conditions were optimal.

  • Optimization as part of the disaster recovery plan

    When planning for a network outage, backup connections, being temporary, are often cellular data connections or connections that are inherently not as efficient as the regular connection. In these cases, Circadence patented technology can automatically optimize traffic using the less capable network based on a set of rules determined in the plan.

Circadence’s leadership in mobile optimization is further validated with the Circadence WAN optimization application for Android, downloadable at and Apple iOS, downloadable at

Circadence will actively enforce the protection of its patents to the full extent of the law against companies that practice any of the patent claims.

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