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Circadence Releases MVO 4.8.1 at RSNA 2011
Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 02:49:37 PM


RSNA 2011 Chicago, November 28, 2011 - Circadence, a leading provider of WAN and network optimization solutions for healthcare, commercial and government customers, today announced general availability of Circadence MVO 4.8.1 WAN Optimization Suite. The most recent product upgrade will be demonstrated at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 (Booth #7356, North Hall B). The annual conference, now in its 97th year, is the world’s premier scientific and educational forum in radiology.

Enhancements to Circadence’s patented WAN optimization technology solve the most pressing issues facing radiologists today – optimizing traffic to any mobile device, transmission of large files in one session and maintaining mandated patient privacy. Circadence MVO 4.8.1 WAN Optimization Suite helps radiologists and their practices address these challenges with features that include:

  • Mobile device support: MVO 4.8.1 offers the widest breadth of mobile device support for Windows, Linux, Android and Apple iOS. The solution includes a SDK for Android as well as Apple iOS devices.

  • PACS performance enhancement: MVO 4.8.1 provides improved performance for the transfer of multiple file datasets including those associated with medical imaging. With added intelligence and a ramped up data rate, medical case studies and large image transfers consisting of 100’s or 1,000’s of individual files can be transferred faster and more efficiently.

  • Link resilience and first-pass acceleration: MVO 4.8.1 maintains sessions whether the connection is “live” or not. Through micro-outages (experienced daily by wireless device users) or “user-induced” connection loss (caused by closing the lid on the laptop before the session has ended), the solution will maintain these sessions. Other WAN optimization vendors depend heavily on caching, which means they don’t see big improvements in throughput until data has traversed a link at least once. The Circadence approach, based mainly on replacing TCP with TMP protocol, accelerates first-pass data 2x-40x un-optimized connections.

  • No manipulation of encryption ensures security and compliance: MVO 4.8.1 natively handles encrypted traffic with no need to break encryption to provide high levels of optimization and reliability to sensitive data. Security is maintained from end to end – independent of the application being delivered.  For organizations mandated to meet HIPAA requirements, this ensures that data stays as secure as originally set up.

“While hospitals and healthcare organizations have embraced tablets and other wireless devices for improved patient care; radiology practices, with their unique set of requirements, haven’t been able to keep pace with this trend,” said Mike Moniz, CEO of Circadence. “With Circadence’s latest product enhancements, radiologists can now be sure of access to life saving image studies anywhere and at anytime.”

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